STAMBHA Yoga is a path

to Live Your Truth


We aim to inspire you, guide you and empower you to live your truth through our path of STAMBHA Yoga. There are many dimensions of yoga and as we explore each dimension, we discover that yoga is the central pillar of inspiration, guidance and the empowerment to live your truth. We embrace all aspects of yoga fully towards this aim.

We honor the fact that every individual is unique and in a different dimension of growth at a given moment.

We hold space to create a supportive community in everything that we offer. We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and when we get together we create an accelerated path of growth supporting eachother regardless of our individual differences.

Branching out from this central pillar of yoga, we open up to various methodologies towards holistic coaching and embrace heart-full collaborations.

In everything that we do, we consider the whole system rather than analyzing a small segment; hence approaching body, mind and spirit as a whole. We combine various gateways and methodologies holistically which may enhance your growth on the path towards discovering and living your truth.

We honor the beauty in your uniqueness and we welcome you as you are! 

Share. Inspire. Empower.

STAMBHA Yoga path is manifested in the graphic form through our logo. For the inspiration of our logo please check here.