Inspiration of Our Logo

STAMBHA Yoga path is manifested in the graphic form through our logo. 

170420_stambha_final_high (1).png

STAMBHA is a word in Sanskrit; the literal meaning is central pillar. We see this central pillar as the center of personal growth for a human being to live their truth. The central pillar is formed through the middle letter M in our logo with a stable base representing the unwavering support we give to all the seekers that come to us. In our creation of this path, stambha also represents one’s own unique center that one chooses to express their divinity in this life. The spinal column is a powerful connection to our divinity and this is also represented in that center. Around the central pillar, there are two serpents embracing the center and arising to the connection to our divinity. Kundalini is the powerful Shakti that resides within each of us often depicted by a serpent. The beautiful commingling and dance of two serpents around the central pillar depicts the playful balance of opposite forces of the divine; the feminine and the masculine, the sun and the moon, light and dark, god and goddess, positive and negative, yin and yang, etc. These qualities blend into a sort of "divine marriage". The serpent has a special place in yoga philosophy, as the waking power of the essence of creation in the form of Shakti. The serpents merge into the lotus flower on top of the pillar. The pillar merges into a heart which represents our devotion to the unconditional love and support we provide to seekers that come to us; we welcome you as you are. The heart, the lotus flower, the pillar and the serpents all together merge into forming an effect of the visual of two eyes and a third eye rising above in between them. The eyes have the steady gaze of Shiva, in a way half closed and yet so strong gaze through the third eye. This is depicting the the sustaining power of the divine, as depicted also in the Nataraj form of Shiva. We sustain our support for the seekers that come to us for guidance. The lotus flower has a special place in yoga philosophy as the flower blossoming in the midst of mud, depicting the beauty and good along with what may seem ugly or bad. It embraces all aspects of our existence and our capability to rise in the midst of the darkness. The lotus flower has five petals in this form of our logo. The five depicts many things: e.g. the five divine acts of Shiva, the faces of Shiva, 5 states of awareness within the Shaiva Tantra philosophy, etc. The petals arising from this central pillar also depict the connection to many through the one and the importance of the community aspect on our path of Stambha Yoga. The expansion of the meaning of our logo will come through our blogs later on. As every aspect has a deep meaning in this creation.

*Our logo is designed by highly skilled architect and yogini Lena Schneider. We express deep gratitude to Lena for the endless hours that she put into the design of this logo and beyond. Lena being a dedicated student of Ezgi over many years, has selflessly devoted herself to Ezgi’s creation and worked closely with Ezgi over the months as the skilled artist behind the scenes.*