with Debra Silverman and Ezgi Fisher

“Mystery of Elements”

May 17-19 2019

Zurich, Switzerland


This will be Debra’s first time in Switzerland! Ezgi and Debra are super excited to teach this beautiful combination together! They are both looking forward to combine their gifts, talents, knowledge and experiences to create a powerful weekend workshop journey for you.

Astrology is an amazing tool to help you to discover yourself and to get to know yourself deeper and to fall in love with yourself. Applied Astrology is Debra’s passion as she combines her knowledge and experiences as an Astrologer and Psychologist. Ezgi discovered the beautiful realm of applied astrology in the last years as a dedicated yogini of many years and finds it very complementary to all of her wide span of yoga teachings.

What Debra offers is an Elemental Workshop identifying your personality type, your life lesson, and access to your soul’s voice by using the stars and the elemental influences. This workshop is experiential; you will identify the different personality types, the challenges and strengths of each, and most important the human vulnerabilities involved that are often hard to talk about. You will learn about your personality type, your soul’s voice, and your life lesson. This workshop is experiential, therefore it’s not just theory; it is a fresh embodied look at your personalities tendencies. People will find it humorous and deeply insightful. This workshop even has the potential of changing lives. Once you know your elemental personality type there is great relief and power that can be released.

What Ezgi offers is the yoga practices and various tools within yoga that will help you integrate all the work through the physical body, Hindu Shaiva Tantra yoga philosophy, powerful mantras, pranayama, mudra, and deep contemplation. Ezgi has a unique gift of reaching to the individuals and diving deep into their soul for profound transformation and she holds space to facilitate that. Expect to dig deep into yourself for personal and spiritual growth through understanding, recognizing, loving and honoring yourself.

The Workshop is open to every one, *all levels*.

Debra Silverman is part Astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian and ALL REAL. She helps people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in a totally objective way. Debra has been in private practice for over 40 years. She uses astrology and her own system called the The 4 Elements (or 4E for short) as tools to help people step into their power. Debra has helped thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. Debra’s mothering approach to understanding and empowering people from all walks of life has earned her international fame and admiration. She has written a book, magazine columns, hosted a radio show and has a YouTube channel with over 7 million views. She is dedicated to creating community and working for the children. Debra believes the future is arriving and none of us can do it alone. She is an expert in embracing the feminine, and her ultimate dream is to revolutionize therapy by teaching therapists how to provide custom treatment to their clients. Debra believes in the power of listening. When we are silent - both with ourselves and each other - the messages that are trying to come through us can be given a voice, and we can all start walking our authentic and powerful path. She splits her time between Kauai and Boulder, Colorado where she enjoys talking to the beautiful flowers, daily swims and spending time with friends and family. Find Debra on YouTube and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Ezgi Fisher is a dedicated yogini continuously striving to connect to her truth since the very early ages of her life. Ezgi believes that the beauty of our nature is that we are all uniquely beautiful and different beings with different needs and there is something different that we can learn from each field of discipline for a wholesome path of personal and spiritual growth. Therefore, she has studied various disciplines over the years, bringing her closer towards the discovery of her true Self. Her studies span from a highly scientific academical background through her PhD/Doctorate in applied science to various fields of Yoga, to advanced studies in Hindu-Shaiva Tantra Philosophy and Meditation. She has many certifications in Yoga and she is Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer. She is an Authorized Neelakantha Meditation Teacher as taught in Blue Throat Yoga through Prof. Paul Muller-Ortega. She is also certified as an integrative nutrition health coach, fitness instructor and studied Thai massage, acrobatics. She is also a certified facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations and an Astrologer through Applied Astrology - Level 3 with Debra. Her work experience also has a wide span from research and teaching in Academia to managerial experience in corporate world to teaching yoga and beyond. All the knowledge and experience she has gained over the years has inspired her to create this path of service through STAMBHA Yoga to empower and inspire others to discover and live their truth. She has gift of reaching to people with very different backgrounds and make them feel home with themselves though her transformational teachings. She has many years of teaching experience in various countries, particularly in the US and Europe. She has trained many teachers over the years in Zurich and other places in Switzerland. She travels internationally teaching workshops, trainings, and retreats. More info:  please check


All the sessions will be combination of self-discovery through Astrology teachings with Debra and Yoga teachings with Ezgi via various dimensions of yoga – Asana, Philosophy, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama and Deep Contemplation.

Friday: 18:30-20:30 – “Introduction”

Introduction to elements in terms of astrology by Debra and a welcome yoga session with Ezgi

Saturday: 10:00-13:00* – “WATER”

Saturday: 14:30-17:30 – “AIR”

Sunday: 10:00-13:00* –  “EARTH”

Sunday: 14:30-17:30 –  “FIRE”


Early Bird Special:
If you register by April 19th: Whole workshop CHF 350.- + you can choose to get an astrological reading with Ezgi 20% off the regular price (to be used latest by June 17th)

Late Bird Special:
If you register by May 7th: Whole workshop CHF 400.- + you can choose to get an astrological reading with Ezgi 10% off the regular price (to be used latest by June 17th)

Regular Price:
Whole Workshop 5-sessions CHF 450.-
Friday Session CHF 80.-
Sat/Sun Sessions per session CHF 108.-

+Astrological reading with Ezgi CHF 150.-

Please register ASAP, space is limited.

Location: STAMBHA Yoga, Seefeldstrasse 231 8008 Zurich

*There is an optional group lunch together on both days (not included in the workshop price), at the cafe, Kornsilo, on ground floor of our building. If you would like to join the lunch please specify in the registration form so we can reserve a table accordingly.

Registration form:


Please feel free to email for any local logistics questions.