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Yulia Sosedova

STAMBHA Yoga Teacher

Hatha yoga became part of my life 14 years ago, and after coming to Switzerland to complete my doctoral studies in environmental chemistry, I found my new home and later on my love for yoga led me to become a yoga teacher. I constantly develop as a yoga teacher, transform and evolve my teaching and practicing style, drawing inspiration not only from yoga teachers, scholars and books, but also from “exterior”, non-yoga fields, like choreography or movement culture. Due to my analytical mind, I like to get close to the bottom of the matter and to bring up the logic and the nature of underlying things. I care about environmental issues, curious about data science and photography and enjoy time spent with my camera. I easily use “technical terms”, but that should not make you scary! I believe there exists an approach to explain yoga basics to everyone, be it an engineer, a linguist, a school teacher, a housewife, a banker, a teenager or a primary school kid. Precisely formulated in simple words, instructions should appeal to an audience from different backgrounds. This aspect of teaching excites me as a thinker and educator!

To me, Yoga is a tool to raise awareness of one’s body and the mind. Yoga brings in balance the opposites, the “solar” and the “lunar” qualities. Yoga is a healing process and a therapeutic practice that helps overcoming physical and mental obstacles on one’s way to a healthier and happier living. Yoga is enthusiasm for life and a path to live aligned with one’s heart and one’s inner truth. Yoga is a rainbow of sensations, a broad spectrum of perceptions, emotions, and a voluminous book full of discoveries and fascinating stories about life and oneself.

Yulia’s classes:

Tuesday 17:15-18:15 “Yoga ABC Family”
Thursday 19:35-21:05 “Yoga - Mix'n'Match”

Registration for classes:

Yulia unterrichtet auf Englisch und Deutsch.