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Stacy Overbey

STAMBHA Yoga Teacher

I sought out yoga when my three children were small and I sorely needed a weekly hour of peace and quiet to myself. In the almost 25 years since then, my practice has expanded and flourished and long become a daily part of my life. Yoga helped me enormously through both emotional upheaval and physical rehabilitation. With it, I maintain not only a strong, lithe body and pain-free back, but also a solid sense of equanimity and a wide-open heart.

My approach is marked by empathy; the confidence that everyone can do well if given the opportunity to try without fear of failure; and a fundamental belief in the empowerment of learning. The style of yoga I teach respects restrictions one might have, lovingly accommodates any injuries, and at the same time allows each individual to push her limits. There is an equal emphasis on the elements essential to growing older gracefully: strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, with special focus on maintaining a supple spine.  We pay close attention to precise alignment that can relieve age-related aches, support healthy backs and joints, and prevent repetitive strain injuries.  In addition, pranayama (breath work) helps to calm and clarify the mind. I expect to maintain a vital practice through all the years to come, and want to share with those men and women 40+ / 50+ what positive effects yoga can have on the aging process, both mental and physical. In a relaxed and pressure-free environment, my classes are motivating, educational, playful, challenging and nourishing – and always to groovy, eclectic playlists.

Stacy’s classes:

Tuesday 9:00-10:30 “Yoga Energizing Flow”
Tuesday 12:15-13:15 “Yoga Recharge over Lunch”
Thursday 9:00-10:30 “Yoga Basics”
Thursday 12:15-13:15 “Yoga Recharge over Lunch”

Registration for classes: