Mary Dietrich

STAMBHA Marketing Manager, STAMBHA Yoga Teacher

What Yoga means to me: Yoga is the perfect addition to any exercise but it offers so much more than the mere physical practice. Through my personal experience, I realized that the benefits of Yoga go way beyond the body and the physical layer and that especially the mental aspects of Yoga are extremely beneficial for our busy lives today. What we learn on the mat, we take with us.

I have experienced first-hand how Yoga can support us to create the mental, physical and emotional space to get perspective on life, live in line with our purpose and find inner strength and happiness. In this process I discovered that I wanted to share this knowledge and make Yoga accessible to everyone. So in my classes, I wish to encourage each person to use their own resources to become a more balanced, resilient and positive version of themselves. Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Once we feel the union between our body, our breath, our mind and our emotions, we feel life pulsating within us. Feeling alive allows us to be fully present and face what life has to offer.

My Yoga journey: In 2016 I started my first teacher training with the intention to learn more about Yoga, deepen my own personal practice and improve my wellbeing after a challenging time in my life. This 200 hours Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher in Switzerland opened up a completely new world to me. I have since been deepening my Asana studies in teacher trainings and workshops with internationally renowned teachers all over the world. I am forever a student, always learning more and more about the body and mind, and am committed to teaching dynamic and relevant Yoga classes that translate to life off the mat.

Mary’s regular weekly classes:

Monday 9:00-10:30 “Yoga - Rise up & Shine”
Monday 12:15-13:15 “Yoga - Lunch & Flow”
Thursday 19:35-21:05 “Yoga - Mix'n'Match”

Registration for classes:

She also regularly subs for various STAMBHA classes.

Mary is the Marketing Manager for STAMBHA. For any inquiries regarding marketing, you are welcome to contact her at

Mary unterrichtet auf Deutsch und Englisch.