Guido Mazzolani

STAMBHA Yoga Teacher

Guido’s passion for Yoga and also the interest in new things led him to become a yoga teacher. He wanted to learn more about the Yoga path and practice of Yoga and about himself and he studied through various trainings. Now, he is fascinated by the tantric philosophy, meditation techniques and all the aspects of practicing yoga.

Guido is a passionate runner and racing cyclist and has set himself the goal of encouraging more men to do yoga. For Guido, music is an important part of his life and he lets it flow into his classes. Guido teaches a dynamic yoga in harmony with breath and movement. More info about Guido.

Guido’s classes:

Wednesday 9:00-10:30 “Yoga - Embrace the Day”
Thursday 19:35-21:05 “Yoga - Mix'n'Match”

Registration for classes: