Ezgi Fisher, Ph.D.

STAMBHA Yoga School Founder & Visionary / Lead Teacher, Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer, Authorized Meditation Teacher, Facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations, Holistic Coach, Applied Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner, Thai Yoga Massage Bodyworker, Fitness Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Ezgi is a yogini continuously striving to connect to her truth since the very early ages of her life. She has been fascinated by science and philosophy and spirituality since her early childhood. She has studied various different disciplines over the years, bringing her closer towards the discovery of her true Self. Ezgi honors the power of combining various fields of knowledge and the wisdom gained through the experience of that knowledge. Therefore Ezgi has devoted herself to study in a wide variety of fields over many years, spanning from a highly scientific academical background through her PhD/Doctorate in Applied Science, Electrical Engineering specialized in modeling randomness to various fields of yoga and philosophy, to advanced studies in Hindu-Shaiva Tantra Philosophy and Meditation to fitness and nutrition to acrobatics and bodywork to systemic coaching, family constellations, Reiki, and astrology. In addition to the wide span of her education fields, her work experience also spans from research and teaching in Academia to managerial experience in corporate world then leading her to many years of teaching yoga and various other fields of personal and spiritual growth internationally particularly in the US and Europe. All the knowledge and experience she has gained over the years has inspired her to create this path of service to empower and inspire others. Ezgi has devoted herself to a path of continuous transformation in life without bypassing any hardship and continuously encourages and guides her students through various forms of intensity. She is honored to bring all of her studies and experiences to serve others through this wonderful platform continuously discovering new ways of serving beautiful souls. More info about Ezgi,

Ezgi’s regular weekly classes:

Monday 18:00-19:30 “Yoga Mandala - Welcome the Week”
Tuesday 18:30-20:00 “Yoga Mandala - Fire & Nectar”
Tuesday 20:15-21:15 “Meditation - Neelakantha Meditation Gathering” (bi-weekly)
Tuesday 20:15-21:15 “Philosophy - Hindu Shaiva Tantra Philosophy Lectures” (as class series)

Registration for classes:

Ezgi’s other offerings:

Private Sessions
Yoga Immersions - 100-Hour
Yoga Teacher Trainings - 200-Hour
Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings - 300-Hour
Meditation - Neelakantha Meditation
Applied Astrology - Astrological Coaching
Holistic Coaching - Personal Coaching