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Caro Szegedi

STAMBHA Yoga Teacher

Yoga in the shape of asana crossed my path first time in 2010 when a friend took me to a great yoga class in Zürich. Every time after class I felt very light in my body, open hearted, full of love and joy. Of course, I wanted to know more and go deeper in to my practice and yoga studies and then did my teacher trainings over the years. In my lessons, powerful elements find as much space as energy work and room for silence. The exercises lead the mind into an inner silence and make the body strong, flexible and relaxed. I emphasizes practicing mindfully and listening to the body's intuitive feedback. Yoga shall not merely ground and strengthen us, but support us to find a peaceful path to our inner essence.

Caro’s classes:

Tuesday 7:30-8:30 “Yoga - Early Bird”

Registration for classes:

Caro unterrichtet auf Deutsch und Englisch.