Brian King

Anatomy, Endurance Coach, Athletic Sitting, Ultravibe

Brian King is a structural endurance coach, perceptual explorer, author, anatomical educator, multi-sport athlete, proponent of the Scientific Method, surfer, and dedicated slackliner. Brian has studied the body for nearly his entire life seeking athleticism and health. His approach is a hybrid of east and west. His focus tends towards athleticism, structure, and strength. His influences range from Daoism to Thomas Meyers, Feldenkrais to martial arts, Pilates to soccer. Brian approaches his movement practice as a science experiment and enjoys teaching others how to build such a structure in order to take new responsibility for their practices. Brian has worked with the USA Olympic women’s beach volleyball team, the Garmin cycling team, professional surfers, golfers, runners, and triathletes along with many other professional athletes.

Brian regularly teaches trainings, workshops and classes with Ezgi.

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