STAMBHA Yoga Teachers Team

We are happy to introduce you to STAMBHA Yoga Teachers Team!

All of our teachers are graduates of STAMBHA Yoga School having completed at least 200 Hours of Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher, and they each have their unique approach along with various other trainings and life given talents and gifts with their authentic self beautifully expressed in their teachings. We have chosen this team so carefully and built it over many years and highly value our teachers team and recommend each teacher equally and encourage you to come to every teacher’s class and experience their authentic teachings. You will find what speaks to you and brings you closer to you as you walk the path of discovering and living your truth!


Ezgi Fisher

Founder & Visionary / Lead Teacher

Mary Dietrich

Business Manager / Teacher

Stacy Overbey

Caro Szegedi

Jeanne Jaros

Guido Mazzolani

Maya Keller

Brian King

Yulia Sosedova

Salvatore Daniele

Amy Redford

Luna Urio

Daniela Luthi

Ariane Fischer