Branching out from the central pillar of yoga, we open up to various methodologies and embrace heart-full collaborations, which may enhance your growth on the path towards discovering and living your truth.

Love. Support. Grow. Merge.

STAMBHA partners up with skillful beings who devote themselves to service with full hearts, in support of the growth journey of our seekers. It is very powerful for various professionals to work together in an integrated way for the wellbeing of individuals; may it be for their physical health, emotional health, mental health or beyond. We combine our knowledge, experience, skills, and resources in different disciplines to serve the wellbeing of people creating a wholesome path of growth. 

Towards this aim, we join forces with SPARK; a center for conscious personal development founded by two amazing beings Hamsa Serena Olgiati and Ariane Fischer. Both Hamsa and Ariane have devoted their hearts to conscious personal development. SPARK offers Family and Systemic Constellations, Conscious Projects, Reiki, and beyond. Please check SPARK’s website their upcoming events.

SPARK&STAMBHA are combining yoga with systemic constellations. These powerful weekends and retreats work both on body and mind. They are wonderful opportunities to release blockages at emotional as well as physical level. Please check our events page for the upcoming events.

2 beautiful projects SPARK & STAMBHA, 3 women Ariane, Hamsa and Ezgi, are coming together under 1 roof in Zurich where we hold all of the local classes, workshops and trainings.