Private Sessions in Zurich


We offer private sessions through various dimensions of yoga (asana, mantra, pranayama, meditation, ...) geared towards the individual's specific needs and growth focus areas, for every level, age group, from highly therapeutic focus for specific injuries to strenuous physical practice etc.

We also offer private sessions with various other modalities of movement practices beyond yoga.

For Private Sessions, the recommended length is at least 90min.

Please contact us for a personal consultation. 

Private Sessions Pricing:
Individual Private Sessions: 60min single session, chf. 150.
Private Abo: 5x Abo 60min: chf. 675, 10x Abo 60min: chf. 1200.

Individual Private Sessions: 90min single session, chf. 190.
Private Abo: 5x Abo 90min: chf. 855, 10x Abo 90min: chf. 1520.

Individual Private Sessions: 120min single session, chf. 240.
Private Abo: 5x Abo 120min: chf. 1080, 10x Abo 120min: chf. 1920.

There is 10% off when you book 5 sessions (5x Abo), and 20% off when you book 10 sessions (10x Abo). All Abo’s are valid for 6 months.

Group privates are also possible, groups of 2-4.

For each additional person, the price added per person per session:
chf. 50 to 60-75min session.
chf. 70 for 90min session.
chf. 90 for 120min session.

Private Sessions can be combined with Holistic Personal Coaching, your Abo (90min or 120min) can also be used towards various elements included in holistic coaching. Please see below for details.

Holistic Personal Coaching

We welcome you as you are and we honor the fact that every individual is unique and in a different dimension of growth at a given moment. Branching out from the central pillar of yoga, we combine various methodologies which may enhance your growth on the path towards discovering and living your truth. 

As the term ‘holistic‘ implies, we work with the whole system rather than analyzing a small segment. Our work approaches body, mind and spirit as a whole. We combine our work on the body with the mind and the spiritual levels.

STAMBHA Holistic Coaching Sessions

STAMBHA Holistic Coaching Sessions are offered by Ezgi Fisher. Ezgi offers holistic coaching in a very unique way; combining various tools and methods for personal growth that she has trained over many years throughout her careers and studies in various fields including academia, corporate world, fitness, science, spirituality, yoga, holistic counseling, applied astrology. The sessions are tailored individually, according to the individual’s needs. From philosophical guidance helping to understand the universal aspects governing life, to formal meditation teachings, to various aspects of yoga (physical practice, breathing, mantra, philosophy, meditation), to astrological coaching with practical guidance to apply daily and long term, to systemic constellations tools as support to understand and work on certain blockages, to health coaching with nutritional guidance, to practical life concerns governing manifesting your dreams and projects. Each session is unique and designed uniquely for the individual.

Individual Holistic Coaching Sessions with Ezgi:

90min: chf 190.-, 120min: 240.-
5x package 90min, chf 855.-, 5x package 120min, chf 1080.-
10x package 90min, chf 1520.-, 10x package 120min, chf 1920.-

For more details please check our holistic coaching page.

Please contact to schedule your session.