Holistic Personal Coaching


We welcome you as you are and we honor the fact that every individual is unique and in a different dimension of growth at a given moment. Branching out from the central pillar of yoga, we combine various methodologies which may enhance your growth on the path towards discovering and living your truth. 

As the term ‘holistic‘ implies, we work with the whole system rather than analyzing a small segment. Our work approaches body, mind and spirit as a whole. We combine our work on the body with the mind and the spiritual levels.

We offer various gateways of personal support holistically towards discovering and living your truth. The most beneficial combination of these gateways are determined after the initial individual consultation. The initial consultation takes about 30min and it is free. During the initial consultation session we come up with the most beneficial combination of various gateways of growth on the bodily, mental and spiritual levels. Please contact us for your personal consultation.


Yoga is the central pillar for STAMBHA and the central tool for personal and spiritual growth. We offer various dimensions of yoga in various formats as part of our holistic personal coaching program. Please check the detailed information for each section below by clicking on the corresponding links.

Private Yoga Sessions

Individual private sessions focus on your specific needs with any possible combination of various dimensions of yoga, from physical practice of yoga (ranging from highly therapeutic to high intensity according to the individual’s needs) , to philosophy to mantras to breathing and beyond. Details here.

Yoga Immersions

100-Hour Yoga Immersion is a deep personal growth journey that embarks one into the discovery of one’s Self, in a longer and more intense time period. So many people over the years had very powerful breakthrough’s about themselves and their lives through the STAMBHA Yoga Immersion journey. Details here.

Personal Meditation Instruction/Initiation

The right personal meditation practice connects us to our life and to our purpose through the most private connection with the Self and brings transformation, healing, and benevolence by establishing a direct connection to your own deepest reality and reconnect with your innate nature of freedom, creativity, clarity, and bliss. Details here.


Applied Astrology

Astrology is an amazing tool to help you to discover yourself and to get to know yourself deeper and to fall in love with yourself. Applied Astrology is a powerful coaching tool that helps with practical suggestions to help you daily and long term. Understanding ourselves and learning ways to cultivate the best relationship with ourselves is a crucial step for manifesting our dreams and projects.

Ezgi Fisher is a graduate of Level 3 Applied Astrology program with Debra Silverman. Ezgi offers readings either in person or online through video conferencing platform zoom.

Individual readings: 60-75min chf. 150.

Set of 3 readings: 60-75min 3x, chf. 360.
(Various Readings: Individual, Relationship, Project, Elements Process, Progressions, Transits, Personal Guidance, Ongoing Coaching.)

Please contact us to schedule your session.


Family and Systemic Constellations

Family and Systemic Constellations is a powerful tool to work on the subconscious, on the unsolved past issues, traumas, shadows, limiting beliefs and patterns, so we detangle from them to integrate them into a new way of being and use our power to create our dreams and projects we would like to manifest.

Ezgi Fisher is a certified facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations through Holistic Counseling School of “La Citta Della Luce”.

Private constellation sessions: Individual sessions: 90min chf. 210. Please contact us to schedule your session.

Group constellations (please check our partner SPARK’s page for more details)


Health Coaching

Ezgi Fisher is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She offers guidance in combination with the general holistic personal coaching program.