Yoga is the central pillar for STAMBHA and the central tool for personal and spiritual growth. We offer various dimensions of yoga in various formats as part of our holistic personal coaching program. Please check the detailed information for each section below by clicking on the corresponding links.

Private Yoga Sessions

Individual private sessions focus on your specific needs with any possible combination of various dimensions of yoga, from physical practice of yoga (ranging from highly therapeutic to high intensity according to the individual’s needs) , to philosophy to mantras to breathing and beyond. Details here.

Yoga Immersions

100-Hour Yoga Immersion is a deep personal growth journey that embarks one into the discovery of one’s Self, in a longer and more intense time period. So many people over the years had very powerful breakthrough’s about themselves and their lives through the STAMBHA Yoga Immersion journey. Details here.

Personal Meditation Instruction/Initiation

The right personal meditation practice connects us to our life and to our purpose through the most private connection with the Self and brings transformation, healing, and benevolence by establishing a direct connection to your own deepest reality and reconnect with your innate nature of freedom, creativity, clarity, and bliss. Details here.