Stambha Yoga School is an evolution of what is formerly known as Freedom Spirit Yoga School.

Freedom Spirit Yoga School was co-founded by Jeff Fisher and Ezgi Fisher. Freedom Spirit Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with Yoga Alliance at 200hr level and had been offering yearly 200hr Anusara® Yoga Immersions and Teacher Trainings in Zurich since 2011.

Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher passed away on September 23rd 2014. Please see the his yoga biography below for more info about Jeff Fisher.

September 26th 2014
My beloved husband Jeff Fisher lives in our hearts and his presence is immensely felt through his light still radiating through the whole universe. Please see below for my letter to our students and friends all around the world after his passing away on September 23rd 2014, on a magical day of equinox and new moon.
I am honored to continue the work we passionately created together and had the visions of continuous growth for. I carry out our vision together, our intentions and dreams in the way of serving people. I know he is with me in peace and freedom. I dedicatedly continue to teach classes, workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings.
With love and gratitude,

Personal Letter from Ezgi Fisher in the Honor of Jeff Fisher
September 26th 2014
Celebrate Life in Jeff Fisher's Honor

Dear friends,
Some of you may have heard.. The beautiful man that I am so grateful for re-joining with in this life time, Jeff Fisher... My soul-mate, my lover, my partner, my best friend, family.. passed away.. Has beautifully transitioned away from his body in this life time. I carry Jeff with me in my heart and feel his support all the time.
Jeff has been an amazing example of courage and joy, in this last one year that we've had the toughest times, he never complained, not even once.. Not even when he was going through pain and discomfort, not even through hardest news to handle. The last one year has gotten more challenging every day, but yet we've kept the joy and love with trust. He has taught us so much about how to handle an extremely tough situation still with upmost joy and extreme willpower. He never gave up, but he gave in, he has always trusted in the support of grace.
Jeff passed away Tuesday evening September 23rd around 21:35, he had such a beautiful and peaceful last day in his body with closest loved ones around him... You know we know that he is a higher soul.. He had such beautiful support from spirits in his last day.. He was talking to them all day, having deep conversations.. Non-stop 12 hours.. although he was not able to speak much before that day.. That day he was talking all day, with humor, with deepest love, with deep compassion and care for his loved ones, and with deep joy... I was able to understand him although words were not clear to others.. He was cheerful and peaceful until the very end of his life in this physical body. He never gave up but he gave in... He said to me Tuesday morning Bade Baba came to see him, Gurumayi's guru's guru. I know and felt that day that there were many beautiful souls guiding him to the light all day. His dad passed away the day before in LA, I didn't need to tell Jeff because his dad was already with him that morning, he was talking to his dad in the morning... There were many beautiful souls guiding him to the light all day, non-stop joy and love and peace.. He transitioned away from his physical body with so much peace, with so much guidance... So beautiful... He told me he just wants to be with me, after he passes away.. With so much love.. So I carry him in my heart and feel his support all the time. It was his biggest worry all day to make sure I'll be all right, talked about me to the souls a lot. So I am staying strong. I know he is with me.. He wants me to continue doing everything he has built up.. So I'll keep serving the community that he has devoted his life and selfless service to. I'll continue doing the workshops, retreats, trainings and all, with his support and continuous love I'm still feeling. I carry him with me, in my heart..
Jeff has celebrated life to the most, to its fullest always until the end of his journey in this lifetime.. So we kept that; we held a celebration in Jeff's honor on Saturday, Sep 27th in Zurich by the Zurich lake (Chinagarten area), his favorite place in this city.. Games, guitars, singing, playing frisbee, jokes, humor, barbecue, all the fun things! Keep the party going he would always say! Wherever the people were, did not matter, eyes were closed at the same time all around the world, we were together and transmitted our love to him. and we still do.. The sun was shining bright that day, I had no doubt that it would. Much love and gratitude to you all for joining the beautiful celebration! 
Many have joined in spirit from all around the world. 
Oneness for one beautiful soul..
I carry Jeff with me and sending love to you all from the bottom of my heart. 
I know Jeff has touched so many beautiful hearts and still touching.
Live life! Love life! Celebrate in abundant joy.
May you be inspired to get closer to your Self with this incredible man's journey.
With deep love and gratitude,
Ezgi (always with Jeff)

Jeff Fisher's Yoga Biography - 2014

Jeff Fisher* is internationally recognized Senior Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT500®), and Certified AcroYoga® teacher. He is the co-founder of Freedom Spirit Yoga School with his wife Ezgi Fisher, which teaches the Anusara® yoga method. Originally from California, Jeff Fisher has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. As a young man he met his main spiritual teacher Gurumayi Chidvilasanada in 1989, his yoga practice began while living in the Ashram of Gurumayi and then continued back home in Los Angeles. Jeff has also studied Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga, and has learned from many great teachers, to make yoga philosophy simple, meaningful and applicable to his students. He encourages students to have fun in their practice, to use their limitations as means to expand their desire for freedom, joy and life. Having built a strong dedicated network of teacher and students in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other European countries, he leads Yoga Immersions and 200hr YogaAlliance® certified Teacher Trainings; he loves sharing his passion and knowledge to help people become teachers. He also teaches Anusara Yoga & AcroYoga workshops in many European cities with his wife Ezgi and holds amazing retreats around the world. Jeff enjoys spending time photographing, climbing and surfing in nature.