Ezgi Fisher



Ezgi is grateful to the many teachers who have supported her on her lifelong path of knowledge and wisdom. With some she has been studying for a long time, with others her time has been brief, and yet so powerful. 

We are all teachers to each other and honoring each other is crucial to our journey of growth. The more we honor the greatness of another being, the more we merge into the oneness of our existence.

She would like to express her gratitude specifically to some of her most influential teachers:

• Prof. Paul Muller-Ortega: for opening another dimension of meditation and mantras and initiating the most powerful flow of Shakti in Ezgi and for his endless wisdom on the most essential teachings of Hindu Shaiva Tantra philosophy. Paul is that one teacher Ezgi has been looking since she was just a few years old. She knows deep in her heart that she will be studying with him as long as he is teaching. Paul's vast knowledge and wisdom have been the most powerful light in Ezgi's sadhana journey.

• Sianna Sherman: for being a heart sister and guiding Ezgi through recognition of the flow of Shakti in an immensely powerful way in the asana practice, and supporting her at the crucial thresholds of self-transformation through her great knowledge and wisdom.

• Desiree Rumbaugh: for being a heart sister, for her wisdom in the asana practice and teaching Ezgi the most crucial lessons simply by being who she is - full of heartfelt authenticity, humility, endless cheer, curiosity and natural wisdom. 

• Umberto Carmignani: for opening her eyes to other powerful forms of personal growth, for being the teacher to guide her to the world of psychoanalysis and systemic constellations and Reiki, and for welcoming her into Holistic Counseling school. Grazie mille!

• Jeff Fisher: for their deep connection and for giving Ezgi access to the sublime divinity as a soul-mate, for being her partner in everything and growing together through the good and bad, for the love, the grief, the happiness and the pain; for naturally guiding her path to become a teacher trainer, for teaching her the power of authenticity.

• Jason Nemer: for founding AcroYoga and teaching Ezgi the power of community support along with the playfulness of the body and heart throughout her many years of devoted AcroYoga journey.

• Justicia deClue: for introducing the worlds of AcroYoga and Anusara Yoga to her, both of which had a great influence on Ezgi’s life for the next decade; for dedicatedly holding weekly advanced AcroYoga classes for three years straight in Philadelphia, welcoming her into the creation of such a beautiful community and teaching her strength and trust.

• Prof. Fernand Cohen: for being a second father during the good and bad times throughout Ezgi’s PhD studies, for his immense scientific knowledge and wisdom, for being an inspiration of how to utilize high intelligence, for being the cheerful person he is, for being a great example of how to honor and grieve a beloved and for his deep love of poetry and literature in the midst of scientific quests. 

For Ezgi's more detailed biography and qualifications/certifications please check the page qualifications/certifications.