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"NEW MOON Women Circle and Beyond" with Ezgi Fisher & Mary Dietrich, Zurich Switzerland

NEW MOON Women Circle with Ezgi Fisher & Mary Dietrich, Zurich Switzerland

September 29, 2019

Sunday 13:30-15:30


In this 2-hour gathering, we will connect to the sacred feminine in the safe and vulnerable space of sisterhood. We will sit in a circle, chant, share, do certain rituals.

New Moon is a time to turn within and invite the nourishing energy of the dark for closure of the past and opening to a new beginning and tune into the depths of ourselves for the feminine power of transformation.

The gathering is open to women creating a very vulnerable safe space for deep sharings.

We will be guided by the the New Moon in Libra on this day. The Astrological chart of this New Moon day has a strong influence of the Libra energy and the strong effect of Moon and Venus. We may be strongly drawn into speaking about partnerships and relationships and finding peace, balance and harmony. It is a time turn within and look within ourselves and contemplate on the unhealthy patterns we are leaving behind and the new beginnings and new relationship patterns we want to start developing at this time. Our creator energy with Mars in Virgo asks us to start bringing order. We will be doing work regarding these topics and beyond, and share in a safe space.

We will be using various dimensions of yoga and various personal growth tools, and different guiding tools, and chant in the company of Shamanic drum.


Price:  CHF 40.-
(Early Bird price CHF 30.- if you register by September 22nd 2019)

Location: STAMBHA Yoga, Seefeldstrasse 231 8008 Zurich