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Yoga, Foundation Training, Ultravibe and More - Workshop with Ezgi Fisher and Brian King, Zurich Switzerland

Yoga, Foundation Training, Ultravibe and More

Workshop with Brian King and Ezgi Fisher, Zurich Switzerland

August 30-September 1, 2019


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Ezgi and Brian are looking forward to share their unique skills to co-teach this weekend of combination of Yoga, Foundation Training, Ultravibe and more.

This workshop is geared towards everyone from various backgrounds and physical capabilities.

All levels are welcome.

Brian King is a structural endurance coach, perceptual explorer, author, anatomical educator, multi-sport athlete, amateur physicist, artist, inventor, proponent of the Scientific Method, unofficial World Record holder, aspiring magician, dedicated slackliner and occasional daredevil.

Brian King helped guide more than 900 instructors through the intensive four day Foundation Training (FT) certification program in US and internationally. He’s also personally worked with hundreds of people, one-on-one, helping them find freedom from pain. Brian has been teaching FT for nearly 10 years, having met founder Dr. Eric Goodman in early 2009. He began as a student “curious to learn about making my spine as strong as possible,” and became a member of the Foundation Training Certification Teaching Team since its inception. Over the last five years, Brian and the FT team completed 40 certification events, and Brian has seen FT work for doctors of all kinds, physical therapists, yoga teachers, health practitioners of all modalities, and people who just want to rid themselves of pain. Best known as a “back pain modality,” the FT principles and practices that help strengthen the back and alleviate chronic pain can also add intelligence to preexisting movement practices, making people better at whatever activity they love to do. Brian has worked with the Olympic women’s beach volleyball team, the Garmin cycling team, professional surfers, and pro golfers along with many other professional athletes.

Read what Brian says in his book: I have studied the body as a hobby for nearly my entire life. It seems reasonable to study the mechanism that houses your consciousness and facilitates your health and athleticism. The human body and the presence of consciousness are fascinating mysteries I find worthy of a lifetime of study. My focus is on the basics. I think of training as a science ex- periment. The outcome I seek is athleticism and health. When I find a good idea, I attack it from every angle to see if and where the idea is vulnerable. The less vulnerable an idea, the closer it is to truth. When I find something that is mostly true, I keep it in a special category. The process of Ultravibe is a collection of those trusted ideas combined with some original thought, all wrapped up in a modern context that is designed to help you understand why you should care, how to proceed and how to allow the intelligence of the human body to lead the way. I graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara in 2006 with a double major. The majority of my studies were in anthropology and language. I think like an anthropologist. I study people and patterns. I am part scientist and part story teller. It took years of observation and thought to develop Ultravibe. For the last 10 years I have been professionally teaching anatomy and human movement in an effort to facilitate my own health, athleticism and longevity. I want to grow old and acquire athletic skills and improve as I do so. The idea is, if I can do it, anyone can do it. But it takes a process and it takes high quality repetition. I see clients in and around Santa Barbara and throughout California. I also travel and teach. In 2018, I taught workshops and coached clients throughout the USA, in Australia, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. For the last 7 years I have successfully seen clients from all over the world via video call.

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Details to be announced soon. Please save the date.