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Yoga Workshop - Philosophy, Meditation, Asana and More with Professor Bill Mahony and Ezgi Fisher, Zurich Switzerland

“The Light in the Heart is Vaster than All the Worlds”:

Teachings of the Upanishads and the Yogic Life

The Upanishads are collections of sacred teachings from India that have inspired spiritual seekers for well over two thousand years. The wisdom they hold can guide us as we deepen and refine our own spiritual lives in today’s world. The foundation of Vedantic philosophy, the core teaching of the Upanishads is that there is a splendid, divine presence within all that exists and that this same splendor shines within each of us at the deepest and truest level of our being. 

This weekend, Bill Mahony will share teachings from the Upanishads with us as we reflect on questions we share with the sages who first taught them: What is the nature of this divine presence that shines in the light of the heart? How can we come to know that light, immerse ourselves in it, and bring it forth? How can we more fully allow it to illumine our thoughts and perspectives, our relationships with others and our lives in the world?

Ezgi Fisher will be teaching asana practice woven into each workshop session, as a way to help integrate and refresh the body and mind. The teachings will be combined with asana, mantra, pranayama and meditation practices.

The wisdom of the Upanishads can inform and support the yogic life as a whole. This will be an inspiring set of discussions. Come join us!

Workshop Sessions

Saturday 09:45-12:45. Session 1. “In the Heart Dwell all the Gods.”

We will learn of the historical and philosophical background of the Upanishads, hear some of their key teachings and begin our reflections on ways in which they can be understood from a yogic perspective.

Saturday 14:00-17:00. Session 2. “Thou art That.”

We will hear and discuss teachings from the Upanishads regarding the liberating effect of opening our hearts to the divine Presence within. 

+++ Saturday 17:00-18:00. Bansuri Flute Concert with Jacopo Pacifico (Free for workshop participants). Details: here +++

Sunday   09:45-12:45. Session 3. “Within You is a Self Formed of Joy.”

We will learn ways in which the Upanishads describe the true Self and talk about ways in which our practices can help integrate the body, breath and mind with it.

Sunday   13:45-16:15. Session 4. “Your Life is Your Offering.

Informed by teachings from the Upanishads, we will reflect on the importance of true self-respect, generosity of spirit and compassion as we engage the fullness and complexities of life.

SESSION 1 : October 7th  Saturday 09:45-12:45
SESSION 2 : October 7th  Saturday 14:00-17:00
SESSION 3 : October 8th  Sunday   09:45-12:45
SESSION 4 : October 8th  Sunday   13:45-16:15

Price:  per session CHF 90.-  /  whole weekend CHF 290.- ( Early bird by 15.09.17 CHF 250.-)
Location: Feilengasse 5, 8008 Zurich


More about Bill Mahony:

William K. Mahony, PhD

Bill Mahony is Professor of Religion and former Chair of the Religion Department at Davidson College, one of the premier institutions of higher learning in the United States, where for thirty-three years he has taught courses on the religions of Asia, particularly of India. 

Bill also travels frequently to many countries to give lectures and to lead retreats and workshops on yoga philosophy and practice. He is known in the international yoga community for his informed and warm teaching that is accessible to students at all levels. Participants in his workshops and retreats experience in Bill a warm and compassionate teacher who makes profound ancient philosophies accessible to people of different cultures and at all levels of familiarity with the spiritual life. 

The author of several books on the spiritual wisdom of India and ways it can be applied in our own contemporary lives, Bill has received a number of prestigious teaching awards and research fellowships and goes to India frequently for extended periods. He has written numerous books and articles on the spiritual traditions of India, including many on the Upanishads. His deep personal understanding of the wisdom he studies has been illumined and refined through five decades of his own sustained spiritual practice.

You can find more information about Bill on his website:

More info about Ezgi Fisher:

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