Weekly Yoga Classes in Zurich


For more info about our teachers, please check STAMBHA Team.

For detailed description of all weekly classes, please check Weekly Class Schedule - Class Descriptions.


Class Prices - Group Classes*:

60 Minutes:
Trial Class 60min chf. 20
Single Class 60min chf. 30
STAMBHA Yoga 10x Abo* 60min chf. 250
STAMBHA Yoga 20x Abo* 60min chf. 450

90 Minute Classes:
Trial Class 90min chf. 25
Single Class 90min chf. 40
STAMBHA Yoga 10x Abo* 90min chf. 350
STAMBHA Yoga 20x Abo* 90min chf. 650

STAMBHA Yoga Mixed Abo*: 5x60min + 5x90min chf. 300

*All Abo’s are valid for 5 months.

For students and financially challenged people there are special rates, please contact us for more information.

Please contact us if you need more support regarding your situation.