Simple. Safe. Loving. Home.


It is New Moon today! It is a perfect time to turn in and nourish ourselves with the love of the beautiful Taurus energy. A time to turn within to nourish places that need more love, be in the pleasure of life and find peace in simplicity. "Your life is a gift to be celebrated, in the simplicity of it lies the beauty of it." May you allow yourself to enjoy the mundane. 

Can we look at our lives, the every day mundane stuff with fresh eyes and feel the beauty of the ordinary? There is the feeling of safety and being at home in the mundane. It is simple and yet so powerful, nourishing and loving.

I am working on enjoying the simplicity these days, will you join me? I ask myself simple questions and see where the answer takes me. I give myself time and space to contemplate each question. I have found radical recognitions in the last couple days just by asking myself the simplest questions. What are the simple questions you want to ask yourself? Can you rest there in the question and allow the answers to arise naturally? Nothing to figure out, but simply feeling your beautiful nature.

With this New Moon in Taurus energy, let's come back to simplicity. Allow yourself to enjoy the most mundane stuff and sweet pleasures of life. Simple. Safe. Loving. Home.

Sending you LOVE and blessings through these beautiful spring flowers who smiled at me a couple days ago and shared their wisdom in their simple beauty!✨🙌❤️💜💙💚💛✨