The Dance of ONEness

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The dance of Shiva Shakti, the dance of unmanifest and manifest, the dance of intention and creation, the dance of divinity and individuality, the never ending dance of life.

There are times we feel ONE with a beloved, a friend, a teacher, family, a group of friends, a place, a thing, etc. There are countless examples. There are moments that everything else ceases to exist beyond that group, beyond that dance, nothing else matters, as your universe feels complete, as it feels it is in its fullest form. When we look at a flock of birds migrating from one place to another, they look like a one big bird moving with grace, as one universe. Herd of many other animals are similar. What is your herd? What is it that for you that makes you tap into that divinity, that ONEness?

I once was extremely lucky to have that feeling continuously in this physical realm with another being, my beloved Jeff. My universe felt like it did not lack anything for a really long time. Then it collapsed, the cycle ended, as beautiful as it was it had to come to an end, in which I simply did not have another choice but accept his death in the physical realm. Now in this physical realm, I have moments of that divinity, as long as I open my eyes to see, I open myself to listen, to feel, to tap into that which is ‘alive’!

The dance is all around you, the divinity happens right here right now, in midst of most fearful self, in the midst of darkness. I don't ignore the dark or bad, or whatever you may choose to call those not-good moments or acts of our existence. I don't say that they are ultimately good, in the manifest level we always deal with good and bad. But we know that divinity encompasses all.

I seek empowerment to tap into the higher Self. I share and inspire empowerment with everyone I connect to through my teachings the best of my capability. Various dimensions of this yoga practice I devote myself to, empowers me to stay true and connected to my Self in the midst of all. I bow to the immense power of meditation and deepening the study of philosophy.

May you connect to your path and find your beautiful unique dance with the essence of existence in all aspects.




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