Applied Astrology

Astrology is an amazing tool to help you to discover yourself and to get to know yourself deeper and to fall in love with yourself. Applied Astrology is a powerful coaching tool that helps with practical suggestions to help you daily and long term. Understanding ourselves and learning ways to cultivate the best relationship with ourselves is a crucial step for manifesting our dreams and projects.

Ezgi Fisher is a graduate of Level 3 Applied Astrology program with Debra Silverman.

Ezgi offers readings and astrological coaching either in person or online through video conferencing platform zoom.

Individual astrological coaching/reading: 60-75min chf. 150.-

3x package: 60-75min 3x, chf. 390.-
(Various Readings: Individual, Relationship, Project, Elements Process, Progressions, Transits, Personal Guidance, Ongoing Coaching.)

Please contact to schedule your session.