Applied Astrology

Astrology is an amazing tool to help you to discover yourself and to get to know yourself deeper and to fall in love with yourself. Applied Astrology is a powerful coaching tool that helps with practical suggestions to help you daily and long term. Understanding ourselves and learning ways to cultivate the best relationship with ourselves is a crucial step for manifesting our dreams and projects.

Ezgi Fisher is a graduate of Level 3 Applied Astrology program with Debra Silverman.

Ezgi offers readings and astrological coaching either in person or online through video conferencing platform zoom.

Individual astrological reading: 60-75min chf. 150.-

3x package: 60-75min 3x, chf. 425.-
(Various Readings: Individual, Relationship, Project, Elements, Progressions, Transits.)

Please contact to schedule your session.

Astrology Readings can be combined with Holistic Personal Coaching, your Abo (90min or 120min) can also be used towards various elements included in holistic coaching. Please see the link for details and all holistic coaching options.

Individual astrological coaching: 90min chf. 190.-

3x package: 90min 3x, chf. 540.-
(Various Readings: Individual, Relationship, Project, Elements Process, Progressions, Transits, Personal Guidance, Ongoing Coaching.)



Upcoming Workshop!

Astrology and Yoga Weekend

with Debra Silverman and Ezgi Fisher

May 17-19 2019

Zurich Switzerland