Stambha Yoga School

+300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Stambha Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with Yoga Alliance at 200hr and +300hr level. 

This is a Yoga Alliance +300-hour Registered Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training Certified by Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga. Trainees who complete this advanced teacher training (having already completed a 200-Hour Teacher Training) can apply for registration at the 500-Hour level at Yoga Alliance.

The training is open to all our former graduates of 200-Hour Teacher Training with Stambha Yoga School and Freedom Spirit Yoga School. If you have not completed your 200-Hour Teacher Training with us, you are still welcome to apply and we would be happy to consider your application (***please see below for details).

People who complete this training after 200-Hour Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training, will be able to go into the process to become a Anusara-Inspired® Teacher or Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher if they choose so.

The Advanced Teacher Training provides a platform for teachers to continue their education and learn further, develop, refine, and expand on the teaching skills that were introduced in 200-Hour Teacher Training. It supports the teachers to deepen their experience, understanding and practice through advanced training in asana, mantra, mudras, pranayama and meditation and through deepening our studies in philosophy including important Tantric scriptures and various other areas such as anatomy. 

There will be a broad range of teaching on various aspects such as: deepening the understanding and teaching of alignment principles, theming, sequencing, observation and adjustments, methodology and mentoring, functional anatomy as it applies to yoga, Meditation, teaching pranayama, women and yoga, yoga for seniors, philosophy, further studies on tantric scriptures and other texts, and further topics.

Expect a high level of training, teacher trainees go through a progressive, clearly organized, and empowering process to improve their teaching and to continue their self growth work. There will be deep transformational work in supportive safe environment of the beautiful Stambha Yoga School family/community. Students will receive a +300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Certificate of Completion recognized and certified by both Yoga Alliance and Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga.


2018/2019 +300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher and Guest Teachers in Zurich Switzerland

The +300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Zurich starts in January 2019 with the mandatory modules.

The elective modules already started in June 2018, and there will be a few more elective modules in 2018, please see below for exact dates.

Lead teacher: Ezgi Fisher

(+ guest teachers Professor Bill Mahony, Professor Paul Muller Ortega, Andrea Boni, Maya Keller, Desiree Rumbaugh, Andrew Rivin, Ross Rayburn)

The +300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training consists of various modules: required modules and some elective modules.

Mandatory Modules:

– +300hr Advanced Teacher Training Part 1: January 18-21, 2019
(with Ezgi Fisher)
– +300hr Advanced Teacher Training Part 2: March 22-25, 2019
(with Ezgi Fisher and guest teacher Ross Rayburn)
– +300hr Advanced Teacher Training Part 3: May 17-20, 2019
(with Ezgi Fisher)
– +300hr Advanced Teacher Training Part 4: June 28-July 1, 2019
(with Ezgi Fisher and guest teacher Andrea Boni)
– +300hr Advanced Teacher Training Part 5: September 13-16, 2019
(with Ezgi Fisher and guest teacher Professor Bill Mahony)
– +300hr Advanced Teacher Training Part 6: November 1-4, 2019
(with Ezgi Fisher)
– +300hr Advanced Teacher Training Part 7: December 13-16, 2019
(with Ezgi Fisher)

*Maya Keller will be a guest teacher in most of the modules; exact modules TBA. 

These 7 Parts are mandatory to attend. Each part is 30 contact hours and about 4 non-contact hours, totaling to 240 hours. 

The remaining hours, 60 contact-hours, can be collected via 2-3 of the elective modules below: (You are of course welcome to take as many modules as you like.)

Elective Modules:

– Elective Module A: Mantric Fire Workshop with Professor Paul Muller Ortega: June 15-16, 2018 (12 contact hours. The hours of this workshop doesn't count towards the hours of Anusara Advanced TT, but counts towards Yoga Alliance +300-Hour certification)

- Elective Module B: Meditation Event with Ezgi Fisher: November 16-18, 2018 (The hours of this workshop doesn't count towards the hours of Advanced TT, however it is highly recommended to attend this event.)

The hours of all the trainings below count towards the hours of both Anusara Advanced TT and Yoga Alliance +300-Hour certification:

– Elective Module 1: Wisdom Warriors Training and Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrew Rivin: September 20-23, 2018 (19 contact hours)

– Elective Module 2: Immersion 1: October 19-22, 2018 (30 contact hours)

– Elective Module 3: Immersion 2: November 30-December 3, 2018 (30 contact hours)

– Elective Module 4: Immersion 3: February 8-11, 2019 (30 contact hours)

– Elective Module 5: Immersion 1: April 5-8, 2019 (30 contact hours)

– Elective Module 6: Immersion 2: May 10-13, 2019 (30 contact hours)

– Elective Module 7: Immersion 3: June 7-10, 2019 (30 contact hours)

– More Elective Modules and Workshops TBA


Extra note regarding elective modules:

***If you have not completed 200-Hour Teacher Training with Stambha Yoga School and Freedom Spirit Yoga School, taking the immersion modules are mandatory as part of the +300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training. 

**If you have completed 200-Hour Anusara® Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with someone else besides Ezgi Fisher, we would be happy to welcome you, please contact us to talk further details after filling in the registration form regarding the details of your studies.

*If you have completed 200-Hour Teacher Training with Stambha Yoga School and Freedom Spirit Yoga School, you are still welcome to choose some immersion modules for your elective modules, as repeating the immersion modules is tremendously helpful to renew the information and to learn deeper. The Immersion modules would be half price for those who are repeating.


Mandatory Modules (7 modules) of +300hr Training
3 payment options
- One-time payment by 06.12.2018, chf. 4650.
- 3 Installments, chf. 1650 each (by 04.01.19, by 10.05.19, by 06.09.19)
- 7 installments, chf. 750 (latest one week before each part)

Elective Modules each have their own pricing. When you are registered for the +300Hr Training:
Elective Module 1 (WW Training and Workshop): chf. 475
Elective Module 2-7: Each chf. 725 regular price. For Stambha Yoga School or FSY 200Hour Graduates and Anusara Yoga 200Hour Graduates: half price: each chf. 363.

please register for elective modules separately through the website and note in the section "How did you hear about the workshop?" that you are registered for the Advanced TT so you can adjust your payment accordingly:
Elective Module 1 registration (WW Training and Workshop)
Elective Modules 2-4 registration (Immersion 2018/2019)
Elective Modules 5-7 registration (Immersion 2019)


Location: STAMBHA Yoga, Seefeldstrasse 231 8008 Zurich


Modules Hours (except for elective module 1) are:  
Friday 14:00-21:00, Saturday 9:00-21:00, 
Sunday 9:00-17:00, Monday 9:00-17:00 with breaks.
If you are traveling from outside of Zurich and need accommodation please contact us, we can connect you with a beautiful community house for a more reasonable accommodation.
For questions email

Please fill in the following form for application/registration: